Spring Update

We're 4 months in to 2018 and things are going well. The Edgewood Fair 2018 is nearly upon us. Zoz is doing well. John Colaneri's new site launched. And Scott C.'s new site launched as well. And am helping to work on an app for "Commended".

Other than that – things have been pretty mellow. Here's some of the music I've been listening to.


Goodbye 2017

This has been an incredibly busy year for TENTAKL – especially the last couple of months. But it's been wonderful. From print collateral to web design to brand development, there's been a lot of projects going on. I am extremely thankful to all my clients, and am ecstatic to be working with you moving forward into 2018.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Elder: One of the best metal albums of 2017.

October Updates

There's been a flurry of activity this month. Lots of website updates for clients, a new site, and a lot of printed materials for 2 non-profits in San Francisco. And of course...it's nearly Halloween! 


Life is busy. Kids. School. College prep. Work. And TENTAKL is doing well. Doing work once more for the Shared Schoolyard Project as well as the 52nd annual Edgewood Fair – both non-profits in San Francisco. Been keeping busy with some deliverables for a pilates studio here in town, and am continuing to do a few odds and ends for John Colaneri and Dale Talde out in New Jersey.

Some great new music out too. Currently spinning new "Ruby the Hatchet"

Summer's End

Well, in a couple more weeks Summer will be over. My days of sleeping in until 7am will be over. My days of waking up at 530am in order to get all the kiddos to school on time will return. Woe is me.

But, it's been a solid summer here at TENTAKL. Not only did I get to see some great concerts!! (Iron Maiden, Ghost, Eagles of Death Metal, and Gojira) I had a nice steady stream of projects as well – from New York City, Jersey City, San Francisco and here on the Central Coast. From websites to event promotion to identity development, it's been a nice variety of projects.

 Photo I snapped of Gojira at the Catalyst, August 1, 2017.

Photo I snapped of Gojira at the Catalyst, August 1, 2017.

Gojira // Backbone. Live. Santa Cruz Catalyst, August 1, 2017

The Golden Heart

Last month my daughter was in a play at her junior high school. After the event, the director asked for help in creating a t-shirt to commemorate the event. In the interest of time, I pulled from a collection of existing clip art and vector files I already owned, then organized and combined and arranged and ... voila!

Been listening to a lot of the heavier tunes lately... this is one of my favorites by Kvelertak.

Wrapping up April

April slowed down a bit – enough for me to catch my breath. A few big projects for some clients wrapped up, and new projects started pouring in. Took a few nights to enjoy, somewhat enjoy, the new Mass Effect game (which wasn't that great) – and now back to work.

New projects starting up this month include:

  • A website for an illustrator in Brooklyn, New York.
  • A complete rebranding for a construction company here in Santa Cruz County
  • An updated website for a Pilates studio in Aptos
  • A redesign of a website for a restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Promotional materials and signage for a non-profit event in San Francisco

As these projects proceed, I'll provide updates and new content on the website where appropriate.

In the meantime, today would have been the 100th birthday of singing legend, Ella Fitzgerald.

It's no secret that I'm also a bit of a metal head. Check out this new album from "Deathwish" – probably the best speed metal I've heard in many years.

Spring dun sprang

January, February and March whipped by pretty quickly. Lots of time spent on a number of projects. The Coastlands, a church here in Aptos, needed a new brochure for their upcoming Vacation Bible Camp this summer. I kept busy with a tech company in the Bay Area needing updated brochures and booklets and I spent numerous hours working on a variety of print deliverables for a non-profit organization up in San Francisco.

 benefitting the Edgewood Center for Children and Families

benefitting the Edgewood Center for Children and Families

In addition to all of this, I picked up a few new clients – an Illustrator in New York City, a Therapist in Santa Cruz, a Pilates Studio in Aptos, and TV Personality John Colaneri. John and I have developed a great relationship over the past couple years working together on projects with Warmboard, and I'm excited to be taking on some new projects with him in the months ahead.

A handful of projects are coming to a close, so if you're looking for some help with marketing or graphic design work, reach out and let's talk.

In the meantime, here's an excellent new track from Mastodon.

New Logo

I just completed a logo for a law firm up in San Francisco. John Vannucci wanted a logo that was tied to the very traditional legal industry, but also took a step forward.


The result is balanced between old world and new. Traditional typography, updated shapes. New business cards and collateral, along with a new website – built with Squarespace, are in the works.

Busy in 2017

This year has blown up in a way I never expected. Been picking up incredible new clients left and right. All word of mouth. It's been wonderful. San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, New York – thank you everyone who has trusted me with their design work – from print to digital to identity design.


In related news – I am now managing/developing 8 different Squarespace sites and am a "Squarespace Circle Member" – so I've got that going for me which is nice. Squarespace really is an excellent solution for many small businesses out there looking for an option which allows for easy management, updates with minimal cost.

2017 is off to an incredible start. God willing, it will continue.

Here's an incredible album to listen to – the incomparable, Aenima.


Another gear...

In the past 3 weeks I have grabbed a couple new clients – one here in Santa Cruz, another in San Francisco, begun developing a couple more Square Space sites, new logos for a couple organizations, and some additional print work as well.

2017 is off and running.

Meanwhile, in music land, yesterday would have been David Bowie's 70th birthday. And today, is the one year anniversary of the release of his final album, Black Star. And of course tomorrow is the 1 year anniversary of his death.

Rest In Peace, Starman.

...and then things ramped up.

I've been keeping busy with many things.

Not too long after relaunching this site, I reconnected with an Events Coordinator is San Francisco. She and I have been working on a handful of projects for the last several years, specifically the "Shared Schoolyard" fundraiser.  We have begun working on another project together that is scheduled to launch in April of 2017.

Also gained a couple new clients in San Jose. Both in the technology sector. I am working with them on a new website build, messaging and branding and some additional print and digital deliverables.

Finally, I am starting on the rebranding of a church, which I am quite looking forward to.

Outside of work, been listening to a LOT of music. New albums from several of the bands I follow, including the new Metallica. So rest assured, as I work away at night, I've got the heavy tunes to keep me company. =)



Huge Update

After launching the site just a couple weeks ago, I've been working for a considerable amount of time to complete it. There's been some reorganization and the addition of a considerable amount of content, particularly in the "Evidence" section of the site. This area is better organized and contains a much wider variety of work, much more representative of my abilities.

While going back through my old files I found some great stuff. And it's always good to look back on your work to see the past – the styles, the clients, the different techniques and colors and typography. Over the years I've done corporate identities, interfaces (web, tv, apps, thermostat), packaging, brochures and other print collateral, video, advertising, and a host of tradeshows. And over the last few years I've added branding, social media, and marketing to the mix.

Quite the package.

I love what I do and am always look forward to learning more and doing more.


I've often been asked about the origin of the company name.

Before I started TENTAKL, the name of my company was Studios 4thirteen . The "4thirteen" aspect was pulled from the Bible.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." – Philippians 4:13.

I ran Studios 4thirteen full-time for over 5 years. And as it turned out, the verse was very appropriate for that time in my life.

But as times changed, it seemed appropriate to change the name too. I wanted to stay with a Biblical theme, but wanted something less conceptual and more tangible.

And here's the thing – I like monsters.

In the Old Testament we learn about "Jonah and the whale". But the older translations use the word "leviathan" – an ancient sea monster. From there my imagination took over – Sea Monster, Sea Dragon, Cthulu, The Kraken (Clash of the Titans, 1981 version), Giant Squid.... I liked the idea of a creature with tentacles, able to reach out and go after multiple targets.

Thus, TENTAKL was born – an organism (organization) able to grapple with design, marketing, social media, video, branding .... – working on behalf of my clients. Grabbing holding of problems to generate solutions. Grabbing hold of your customers and providing targeted messaging. Grabbing hold of your brand and lifting it to new heights.

And now you know.




Welcome to TENTAKL.

This will be my blog where I will providing news and industry insight – you know; normal BLOG type stuff. Come back every few weeks to see the new content I've shared here.

If you are looking for some design work or marketing advice, drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you.