I've been keeping busy with many things.

Not too long after relaunching this site, I reconnected with an Events Coordinator is San Francisco. She and I have been working on a handful of projects for the last several years, specifically the "Shared Schoolyard" fundraiser.  We have begun working on another project together that is scheduled to launch in April of 2017.

Also gained a couple new clients in San Jose. Both in the technology sector. I am working with them on a new website build, messaging and branding and some additional print and digital deliverables.

Finally, I am starting on the rebranding of a church, which I am quite looking forward to.

Outside of work, been listening to a LOT of music. New albums from several of the bands I follow, including the new Metallica. So rest assured, as I work away at night, I've got the heavy tunes to keep me company. =)