I've often been asked about the origin of the company name.

Before I started TENTAKL, the name of my company was Studios 4thirteen . The "4thirteen" aspect was pulled from the Bible.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." – Philippians 4:13.

I ran Studios 4thirteen full-time for over 5 years. And as it turned out, the verse was very appropriate for that time in my life.

But as times changed, it seemed appropriate to change the name too. I wanted to stay with a Biblical theme, but wanted something less conceptual and more tangible.

And here's the thing – I like monsters.

In the Old Testament we learn about "Jonah and the whale". But the older translations use the word "leviathan" – an ancient sea monster. From there my imagination took over – Sea Monster, Sea Dragon, Cthulu, The Kraken (Clash of the Titans, 1981 version), Giant Squid.... I liked the idea of a creature with tentacles, able to reach out and go after multiple targets.

Thus, TENTAKL was born – an organism (organization) able to grapple with design, marketing, social media, video, branding .... – working on behalf of my clients. Grabbing holding of problems to generate solutions. Grabbing hold of your customers and providing targeted messaging. Grabbing hold of your brand and lifting it to new heights.

And now you know.