After launching the site just a couple weeks ago, I've been working for a considerable amount of time to complete it. There's been some reorganization and the addition of a considerable amount of content, particularly in the "Evidence" section of the site. This area is better organized and contains a much wider variety of work, much more representative of my abilities.

While going back through my old files I found some great stuff. And it's always good to look back on your work to see the past – the styles, the clients, the different techniques and colors and typography. Over the years I've done corporate identities, interfaces (web, tv, apps, thermostat), packaging, brochures and other print collateral, video, advertising, and a host of tradeshows. And over the last few years I've added branding, social media, and marketing to the mix.

Quite the package.

I love what I do and am always look forward to learning more and doing more.