April slowed down a bit – enough for me to catch my breath. A few big projects for some clients wrapped up, and new projects started pouring in. Took a few nights to enjoy, somewhat enjoy, the new Mass Effect game (which wasn't that great) – and now back to work.

New projects starting up this month include:

  • A website for an illustrator in Brooklyn, New York.
  • A complete rebranding for a construction company here in Santa Cruz County
  • An updated website for a Pilates studio in Aptos
  • A redesign of a website for a restaurant in Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Promotional materials and signage for a non-profit event in San Francisco

As these projects proceed, I'll provide updates and new content on the website where appropriate.

In the meantime, today would have been the 100th birthday of singing legend, Ella Fitzgerald.

It's no secret that I'm also a bit of a metal head. Check out this new album from "Deathwish" – probably the best speed metal I've heard in many years.