The SDCC was a big event for Smith Micro's Consumer Software division. And after some major company reorganization, my team of 3 was reduced to a team of 1 – me. The event was only a couple months away, and all the messaging and creative needed to be done. In addition to this, we were announcing a new Spongebob Squarepants software, and this needed to be done as well. I partnered with our Event Manager and got everything done on time. Of course I designed the signage, worked with companies printing and shipping the event graphics, worked with our featured artists to create promotional materials for their booth session, designed tshirts, postcards, created a couple looping videos – everything.

The event was a huge success.


These were the main creative software applications we would be pushing at the event. The Anime Studio and Poser software was already completed. For these software packages, I also designed the packaging, CD label, instruction cards, user manuals, etc.... Remember the old days when you bought physical software and all the stuff that came with it? Yeah. That stuff.

For Spongebob, I worked directly with Nettoons and Nickelodeon to obtain assets and ensure the creative met their brand standards.