StuffIt Deluxe was king for many years. But as file compression became built into the OS, the need for a separate application became unnecessary. This was to be the last version of the software the company released.

The new software included a few new features, one of which was called "StuffIt Destinations" which allowed the user to create (essentially) IFTTT scenarios and link them to an icon on the application bar. But this interface had not yet been created.

So, I created it. I worked with the software developers to design the floating application bar and a series of icons. Once this process was complete, I designed the logo and dug into the rest of the deliverables.



The next step was to design the packaging. Full disclosure – the front cover was not my design (though I designed the 3 major visual elements on the cover). I designed the 3 remaining panels (inside left, inside right [front cover folds open] and back cover). I did not write the copy for this piece, but did come up with "Drag. Drop. Done." which was used in other marketing materials and advertising.

Mechanical file.

Mechanical file.


Mac and Windows CD artwork, User Manual (outside cover)

IN-APP images

Created a handful of additional icons and visual elements in the application.


The first two videos I made launched with the product. The last was a concept video I came up with, but never went anywhere (perhaps not surprisingly)


Ad concepts: creative and all headlines and taglines.